Event Posters and Art Posters are probably my favorite thing to do within the world of design. It combines illustration, photography, and typography. Not all of my design projects present me the option to be as creative as I like, but when making a poster, the options are usually wide open. I also love event posters because its always a creative design problem of how to list the band name/event name, date, location, and venue in an interesting way. There are many artists creating very powerful work on a regular basis. It is my desire to do more and more of this type of design work in the future. This is truly what I love!

You can also see some of my work at these websites.

To see the process that I go through to create these posters, check out the posters-in-progress page.

And here are a few photos of people with my posters.


There is a whole world of poster artists that inspire me with their work. Collectively they all contribute to the larger poster community.